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If you’re looking to replace your commercial roof, there are a lot of options available.  Even in the North Hills region of Massachusetts, you can see quite a few different examples of quality commercial roofs, including EPDM, PVC and TPO to name a few.  Today, one of the most popular choices on the market is TPO roofing, or a roof composed of thermoplastic polyolefin material is an inexpensive choice that is both durable and relatively thin.

The next time you plan to install a new roof and single ply roofing comes to mind, call up American Roofing and Remodeling Inc and ask about the option of thermoplastic olefin (TPO) roofing. As a business owner, it can be a great overall choice for a cost effective roof. 

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At American Roofing and Remodeling, we want to make sure that our clients are well informed, so that we can help you make the best choice for your roofing needs. We provide high performance GenFlex Roofing Systems and Versico Membranes  that covers full protection of material and workmanship warranty. 

TPO is a high quality commercial roofing material that has set high standards in superior insulation, durability and reflective features to the extent of becoming a leading choice among property owners in North Hills. 

Specifically, TPO roofing is made of three distinct layers.  The bottom layer consists of a strong polymer base.  The middle layer consists of a polyester reinforced fabric.  The final top layer is a thermoplastic polyolefin compounded material. This is a membrane material that is actually made of a type of rubber, or more precisely a blend of rubbers.  The “plastic” part of the name stems from its ability to change shape under heat stress, which allows the roofing material to flex.  This allows the material to resist cracking due to temperature.


A Few Benefits to TPO Roofing

Although TPO is a fairly new roofing material, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for flat roofs in the United States. Installing a TPO roof on your commercial building in North Hills has many benefits:

  •       TPO is a budget-friendly material. It is one of the least expensive roofing membranes on the market. It usually costs significant less than flat metal roofing, or even EPDM, and is just as durable as the other rubber counterparts.  
  •         A TPO coated roof is reflective and UV resistant. It is extremely energy efficient. This will reflect the sun and keep the building cooler in the hot weather. TPO provides fantastic protection from the sun’s UV rays, and can reflect as much heat energy as EPDM. 
  •         The TPO compounds are effective at resisting corrosion and break-down from exposure to UV, ozone, and chemicals. This will help extend the life of your commercial roof.
  •         Mold, mildew, and algae do not grow well on TPO roofs. This is especially important in North Hills, due to its high humidity levels and frequent rains.
  •         TPO flat roofs dirt build-up and are easy to clean. You will not need to use a pressure washer to clean them thoroughly.
  •         TPO roofs remain durable and flexible over time. They are resistant to punctures and tears and are made to withstand a building’s settling or movement.
  •         TPO is an environmentally responsible roofing material. It meets or exceeds the current criteria of many environmental programs, such as Energy Star and LEED.
  •         A properly installed TPO roof can provide protection against hurricane conditions without sustaining extensive damage. It is aerodynamic, so it can withstand high winds. In addition, salt spray does not cause excessive wear or break-down, so it is a sound option for coastal living.
  •   Another great benefit of TPO roofing is the relative ease of installation.  Because it is relatively lightweight, and comes in wider sheets it is more easily installed in a quicker amount of time.  It would be akin to laying down a large sheet on a king size bed versus laying down a tile floor.  The time that the roofing contractor saves means that the overall cost and time for tpo roof installation would significantly decrease.

The material is lightweight and allows for flexible installation options. It can be attached with adhesive or fastened directly to the roof deck. In addition, it can be heat-welded around chimneys and other features, which allows for the accommodation of awkward angles and protrusions.

All of these factors mean that you will need to carefully consider whether a commercial flat roof is the best choice for your building. The experienced professionals at American Roofing and Remodeling can help you determine what is right for your roofing needs. Follow us on Facebook!



An expert roofing company, such as American Roofing and Remodeling, can install a commercial TPO roof system efficiently. Our roofing company is accredited by the BBB and has earned many 5-star reviews over the years. We are committed to providing a 5-star service. That’s what keeps our customers satisfied year after year. We are a locally owned and operated business serving Montgomery County and surrounding areas.

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