Roofs made of traditional cedar wood can be the most notable because they have a wonderfully striking and naturally good appearance. Aside from looking very beautiful, they also provide numerous practical advantages which includes resistance to weather, reliable durability, and friendliness to the environment. However, cedar roofs often need a specific amount of care so their life will get extended and they will remain looking the best.

Advantages of Cedar Wood

High Flexibility

It may depend on the individual taste of a person but cedar may get cut in various forms. It could become shakes that are split by hand and sawn again to create a texture that is rough and rugged. This may also get cut in the form of shingles that are sawn on two different sides.

Friendly to the Environment

Whenever the wood of cedar roofs come from sources that are sustainable, they are friendly to the environment. Make sure to check out if they have the Forest Stewardship Council’s certification of sustainability.

High Level of Durability

Cedar roofs can be really durable as they are often with warranties of 2 to 2.5 decades. Whenever they get installed, restored, and maintained properly, there is a great possibility that they will last for around five to six decades.

Can Easily Get Replaced

Cedar roofs have a lifespan that people can easily extend through the replacement of the individual shakes or shingles that already cracked, appear worn, or have gotten warped. This can help in saving for the environment and financial costs whenever you need to install a new roof.


Whenever cedar shingles and shakes reach the end of their life and get discarded, they may become recycled as mulch.

Resistance to Weather, Changes in Temperature, and Decay

Since cedar roofs can be naturally resistant to weather, they can stand up to different variations when it comes to cycles in freeze-thaw and temperature changes. These can also be highly resilient to any earthquake.

Cedar roofs can also offer thermal resistance naturally because of its natural effect in insulation that is a lot of times higher compared to the other roofing materials like aluminum. It can help in saving energy through the reduction of the need for cooling and heating.

Since cedar also has natural oils, it can repel bugs and resist decay and mildew.

Has A Natural Beauty

There is a natural beauty in cedar roofs as they come in a wide range of textures and colors that are subtly varied. They can have a patina that has a distinctive hue of silvery gray while they weather out. This allows them to appear lovely on any beach house, country cottage, or modern or traditional style home as it eventually blends with the natural surroundings.

Disadvantages of Cedar Wood

Has Added Requirements

Since the wood needs to be able to “breathe,” the installation of a cedar roof must include a substrate that will allow the circulation of air.

Cedar roofs require treatment so they can become retardant to fire and only use products that are specifically good for cedar. However, the market has available green treatments.

Expensive Price

The cedar shingle or shake roof is more expensive compared to roofs that are made of any synthetic material.

Problems Involving Maintenance

Whenever you install a cedar roof, make sure that you are prepared to have it maintained regularly. Whenever there are debris such as fallen leaves, they need to get removed two times a year around fall and spring. The reason why is not just for aesthetic purposes. It is because of the excess in the amount of debris that can obstruct the melted snow and rain from getting drained off the roof.

The natural material cedar can provide an environment that is hospitable for moss, algae, and fungi. It is recommended to have it pressure washed gently and carefully every four years so you can avoid it from growing without using any harsh chemical. Once in every fifteen years, it will need to undergo restoration which includes the replacement and patching of the ridge cap whenever necessary.

Can Easily Become Damaged

It is highly likely for cedar roofs to get damaged because of inadequate ventilation and heavy snowfall. It would be a wonderful idea if you can place a system for ridge venting and snow guards for this but it may depend on the local building code’s specifications.

Moreover, there is a need for people to be really careful whenever they attempt to climb up the roof so they can do any DIY task such as having it painted. That is because the cedar can be really slippery whenever it gets wet.

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