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If you are a property owner looking for a  professional roofing company without the nonsense or ridiculous sales pitch then look no further.  At American Roofing and Remodeling we promise to treat your residential or commercial property as if it was our own.   Our company is certified to install only the best roofing products and our team from our sales staff to our laborers use only the best practices in our industry and are trained for safety and cleanliness.  When we are finished with your job all debris will be completely removed.   Most importantly you will know the job is done right. Another one of our goals for residential homes is to completely install your roof in 1 day. In most cases, when you leave in the morning to go to work, we will be arriving, when you return from work, we will either be done your roof, or finishing up. No hassles and no worries is what we want to achieve for our customers during this process. Whether you are a home owner, association, or property manager, we will make sure your job is done on time and on budget.

EPDM roofing Commercial Roofer in Perkasie PA 18944

As a commercial property owner or manager your job in maintaining an entire property is extremely difficult to maintain or manage.  Let us take one aspect of your building off your hands.  We are a roofing company that is willing to find out what  you are looking to achieve with your existing roof, and provide multiple options depending on your needs.  Choosing the right roofing system for your commercial building is probably the most important choice, and there are a number of factors that will help you in your decision. Commercial buildings, strip malls and warehouses can be different in many ways. Things like the kind of roof deck your building has, draining system etc can determine which product to use. In most cases we get a manufacturers spec for the building the work is being performed on. Alot of times the manufacturer would rather see one product over another in order to achieve the maximum warranty that the manufacturer will give. This is where American roofing and remodeling comes in and works with the manufacturer and the building owner to make sure the best roofing system with the best warranty for the best price is being put on the building. Give us a chance to earn your business, we will not let you down.

Siding in Perkasie PA 18944

Through the years vinyl siding has become the common choice for most homeowners. The reason for this is superior durability, no maintenance, huge color selection, and ease of installation compared to most other products due to its ease of installation compared to other products and low maintenance.  Rest assured that our trained sales professionals at American Roofing and Remodeling are trained to not only make the process of choosing styles and colors easy, but make the process during the installation easy as well. We only install the best vinyl siding in the business such as CertainTeed, Alcoa, Exterior Portfolio by crane, and Mastic siding products.  In addition our siding installation technicians are highly trained for safety, cleanliness and professionalism. When we are finished with your job all debris will be completely removed, and your house will have the curb appeal you always wanted. Most importantly you will know the job is done right.

Gutters in Perkasie PA 18944

American Roofing and Remodeling is a 5″ and 6″ K style gutter installer.  Our Gutter installation technicians are highly trained, and only do gutter installations, which means they speicialize in this field.  We have roll off gutter machines which means we do not piece together lengths of gutter.  All we do is seamless gutter systems.  If a gutter system is installed incorrectly or pieced together it can drip down your fascia, leak into your fascia board and into the house. This is the biggest problem with a gutter system.  We only use a minimum of 027 aluminum for our machine and only apply the best gutter installation techniques to insure a superior product. We also install gutter guard systems such as Mastic leaf relief into your existing gutters, or our new gutter system.

Manufacturers we are certified with in Perkasie PA 18944

  • GAF Master Select for TPO
  • GAF Master Elite for asphalt shingles
  • Versico Certified for EPDM and TPO
  • Genflex Firestone certified
  • IKO Shield Pro for asphalt shingles
  • Owens Corning Certified
  • CertainTeed Certified
  • Atlas Shingle certified

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